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Anti-Corrosive Coatings

We Offer a number of Protective Coatings to enhance the life of its coils including Condensers & Evaporators which includes,

  •  Thermoguard
  • Heresite

These coatings have a High Durability and have Protective Factors to deal with the severe Gulf Region atmospheric changes, on shore as well as offshore. Each of these coatings carries a warranty of 2-7 years.

Air conditioning can consume 60% of the electricity in an average office building, if coils are not protected from corrosive elements, operating costs will accumulate rapidly.

Thermoguard (TG Coating) offers a wide range of product applications to increase the corrosion resistance of HVAC & R units and other coils. The capacity of a heat exchanger originates from the absorption or rejection of heat from the aluminum / copper finned surfaces.

Some advantages of T.G coatings are,

  •  Less Dirt Adhesion & High corrosion resistance
  • No microbial, Aluminum or galvanic Corrosion & No fungi growth
  •  Minimum influence on K-Value & Temp resistance –30⁰ C to 180⁰ C
  • Droplets shed off more easily & so Less frequent cleaning
  • Non poisonous micro biocide
  • Minimum influence on pressure
  • Prevents bad odors & growth of mold

Heating coils typically feature steam/ hot fluid supply header and condensed return headers and connections on opposite sides of the coil. Hot fluid supply connections are typically placed centrally on the supply header, with the condensed return connections typically placed at the bottom of the return header providing self-draining.  

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