Kozhinoor Radiator



Fabrication & Erection of Storage Tanks, Fabrication of pipe network, Fabrication of pressure vessel, Fabrication & Erection of Cement Silos, Fabrication of Road Tanker, Sand blasting & painting etc.

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Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Mud Truck and Cement Silos, Road Tankers, Water Treatment Tanks, Fuel Handling Systems, Aluminum S.S Fab Works, Structure and Piping Works, Specialized Welding Works Skids, HVAC Ducting For Ships & Rigs, All Types of Sheet Metal Works

Fabrication & Supply | Replacement | Repair | Cleaning & Testing | Heresite – Protective coating

Heresite protective coating is used for clients who need a 5 year warranty for coils that are situated in highly corrosive environments.

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